• We are located in the Dept of Sociology, Durham University.

  • However, we are also linked with a variety of other Departments throughout Durham University and, more widely, Northern England, the UK, and various universities and organisations throughout the rest of the world.  In short, while resolutely sociological, our approach is interdisciplinary and global.

  • In terms of teaching and research, we are focused on regional, national and global trends such as climate change adaptation and environmental degradation; national and local health trends and service delivery systems; neighbourhood and community-based health promotion programmes; health professions; and the study of individual health behaviours.

  • Our research combines inter-disciplinary knowledge and expertise around ageing (biology, technology, physical activity, and formal and informal networks of care and support); professions and work (pharmacy, public health, sport and physical activity, social work, social care and governance, policy networks and capacity building); health behaviours (young mothers and breast feeding, nutrition, physical activity and weight loss); the complexities of health (nexus issues, complex health sytems, public health) and community and place (health promotion, health inequalities, place, well-being and community pharmacy).

  • Core concepts include citizenship, the social contract and voice; measurement, self-rated health and evidence; social complexity and identity, equity, and equality.

About Durham health & social theory


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